The climate in the district undergoes a sudden variation as we go from West to East. The western parts of the distirct comprising midland area experiences moderate climate, temperture varying between 21degree C to 27degreeC with minimum seasonal variation.

The eastern parts of the district located in the highland have a comparitively cold climate with temperature varying between minus 1 degreeC to 15 degree C in november/january and 5 degree C to 15 degree C during March/April.

The district receives plenty of rains from both the South- West monsoon during June-August and the North- East monsoon during October - November. The normal rainfall is 3265 mm. As common to other parts of the state, the Idukki districtt also experiences both the south-west monsoon (Edavappathy) and North-East Monsoon (Thulavarsham) during June-July and October -November respectively. The former is more predominat with June experiencing the maximum rainfall.


The annual rainfall in the district varies from 250 to 425 cms. The western region of Devicolam taluk gets more rainfall which goes even upto 500cms. The Eastern and North-eastern regions of the district get very low rainfall normally upto 150 cms. Munnar, Devikulam Pallivasal, Vellathooval etc. are places getting high rainfall.


Railfall (in mm/area)

Month Idukki Kerala
July 1025.10 625.96
August 478.80 337.06
September 616.70 329.35
October 369.50 320.61
November 120.00 97.17
December 142.90 88.42
January 18.40 12.56
February 29.30 8.37
March 13.30 13.49
April 215.10 134.34
May 89.90 71.01
June 711.30 592.10

Wind Speed

  Ramakkal medu 30.04 Km/h
  Panchali medu 20.06 Km/h
  Koalahala medu 18.04 Km/h